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RubySynth is a collection of DSP code snippets, held together with duct tape (as one does), to generate (electronic) music with pure Ruby.

I’ve built this for my Talk at Euruko 2019 in Rotterdam called “The musical Ruby”. This website primarily acts as additional reading material for people who have seen the talk, either online or at the conference. You probably want to start here

You can find all source code, including the code for this website at halfbyte/rubysynth on GitHub.


Thank you to Sam Aaron for SonicPi

Thank you to Lance Norskog for creating SoX and Chris Bagwell for maintaining it for more that 20 years now.

Thank you to the amazing MusicDSP mailing list of where most of the more complicated DSP code has found it’s way into this project.

Image/Video Sources

If not stated otherwise, the Images and Videos on this website are created by myself and subject to the content license mentioned below. All other images are taken from the Wikimedia Commons and are listed below:


All code here is licensed under the AGPL 3.0 license as documented at LICENSE unless stated otherwise.

The entire contents of the “website” folder of the repo (and with that, this website you’re just reading) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Unported license. The full license is at website/LICENSE